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free domestic shipping on orders over $50.00!!

our story

LOVEPUP launched in 2017 when Laura’s love of sewing and dogs combined. Laura taught herself to sew from a young age and would spend hours creating garments and dance costumes. Fast forward many years, she decided to make a cute bandana for her furry bestie, DeeDee. This bandana got so much attention that she started getting requests to make them for her friend’s dogs too. From there the brand was born.

With a focus on unique and stylish fabrics LOVEPUP is now a much loved brand from stylish pups all around the world.

DeeDee was a part of the LOVEPUP journey from the beginning and would be by Laura’s side at the sewing table and come along to all the events. Sadly, at the ripe old age of 15 years, DeeDee crossed the rainbow bridge in March 2021. LOVEPUP continues to go on in DeeDee’s loving memory.

LOVEPUP is also passionate about giving back to dogs in need and proudly supports Second Chance Animal Rescue, a pro-life charity that rescue and re-home dogs and cats. A portion of every sale goes towards helping our fur friends find their forever homes. This organisation is close to Laura’s hearts as they rescued Dee Dee and gave her a second chance back in 2013.

deedee's story

DeeDee was rescued in 2013 by Second Chance Animal Rescue and was described as one of the worst cases of animal neglect the team had seen in a long time. She had been stuck in a concrete backyard all her life and her fur was so overgrown that her eyes had been stuck closed for months. She had terrible tooth root abscesses and was covered in fleas. While the team at the clinic had to shave her matted fur and perform operations, DeeDee would lick them with kisses. Through all the pain and suffering, she knew she was now in safe hands now. 

After spending some time in a loving foster home, DeeDee was ready for adoption and to start her new life at the age of 8 years old. Laura adopted DeeDee in August 2013 and from then on her life was filled with love and joy; a life that all dogs deserve.

DeeDee was Laura’s little shadow and would follow her everywhere. Anyone who met DeeDee would fall in love with her sweet personality and lovable nature. She was such a special girl.

DeeDee spent 8 years living her best life with Laura until sadly in March 2021, at nearly 16 years old, it was DeeDee’s time to cross the rainbow bridge. Laura takes comfort in all the wonderful times they shared and will be forever grateful for the love DeeDee brought her.

“You can't change a dog's past, but you can rewrite their future”